Your Caribbean World, Our Caribbean World

Caribbean World Channel was founded by Nnamdi K Byron Israel in 2007.  We started broadcasting on local TV Network in Mandeville, Jamaica in 2010.

Caribbean World Channel change ownership April 2022, to to the MDM media group. MDM Media Group took control over all broadcast and operation of the network.

We currently broadcasting on Roku Tv, (click here) in 40 million homes and also on
CWCTV has three pay-per-view channels which provides live and recorded content
which you must pay for in order to watch a programme. In today’s diverse
broadcasting landscape, CWCTV Event Marketing Department delivers unmatched,
turnkey experiential campaign that links client-to-customer directly. In order to tailor
to fit client needs, our concepts and approach in delivering both intimate and scaled
events are innovative

For example, a program entitled Royal Gathering which features a guest speaker from
each of our sponsors publicizing their products, singers and comedians. The expected
audience turn-out was 10,000.
If you are interested in showcasing your products on our channel, please go to our
website and fill out the advertisement form. You
can also follow us on all social media platforms @caribbeanworldchannel